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Our Parish Church - St Mary Mother of God

St Mary Mother of God

Parish Information

We are extremely fortunate to have our Parish Church next door and enjoy a close relationship with the wider Parish community.  All our children and their families are warmly invited to attend weekday and weekend masses.

As a school, we firmly believe that our children flourish when they are supported by the triumvirate of home, school and church, and that all three elements join together to become our Parish Community.  We have joint events which enable us to become closer in fellowship, through Christ, for the benefit of all.

Our Parish Priest, Fr Martin Fletcher, is a regular, welcome visitor into our school and he contributes hugely to all areas of Parish life.

Our children undertake their sacramental preparation through the Church and are celebrated in Parish masses.

Please feel free to browse our Parish Website via: http://www.stmaryshornchurch.org.uk/

All contact details, mass times and much more can be found on the site.

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