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What is PREVENT?

Prevent is about safeguarding people and communities from the threat of terrorism. Prevent is 1 of the 4 elements of CONTEST, the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy. It aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

  • The Prevent Strategy
    • Responds to the ideological challenge we face from terrorism and aspects of extremism, and the threat we face from those who promote these views;
    • Provides practical help to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and ensure they are given appropriate advice and support; and
    • Works with a wide range of sectors (including education, criminal justice, faith, charities, online and health) where there are risks of radicalisation that we need to deal with.

    Prevent uses a range of measures to challenge extremism including:

    • Supporting people who are at risk of being drawn into terrorist or extremist activity through the Channel process.
    • Working with and supporting community groups and social enterprise projects who provide services and support to vulnerable people
    • Working with faith groups and institutions to assist them in providing support and guidance to people who may be vulnerable; and
    • Supporting local schools, local industry and partner agencies through engagement, advice and training.
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