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Week Beginning Monday 30th March- A letter to Reception

Dear Reception, 

We are writing to inform you about your tremendously amazing plants which you have grown in the spring term. We can assure you, they are being taken well care of and are growing at extraordinary speed; I know you might be eager to know what has been happening to your creations. Well, a few of us children -who were staying at school because our parents are keyworkers- thought it would be lovely to plant all of your plant life in a greenhouse. A few of the children who thought of this idea were: Grace; Ella; Dalwyn; Melissa; Adriana and Darin. A key person who was contributing to the project most was Miss Rogers. Here are a few of the pictures of your plants and how they’ve grown

Furthermore, we made –as we promised- the greenhouse. A big thank you to the school’s PTA for raising the money so that we could buy the greenhouse. Unfortunately, this isn’t a giant greenhouse that you can plant millions of things in, it just a small one. Here is a picture of it now. 

As you can see, we have not too much, but we have put together something just for you. While you were away, we have been planting all of your plants in our greenhouse so they can develop to be great, tall plants. We have gone ahead and took a few pictures of your plants in our greenhouse.  

Anyway, I hope you are very pleased with our tender care to your plants and we hope to see all of you soon. May God bless you all and shine on our misery so we can obtain eternal joy. Through this difficult time there is a ray of light shining through this darkness. We will come out of this, and we’ll do it together. 

Yours sincerely,  

Darin.K, 6D student.

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