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Meet the Staff



Mr Garth Tucker (Designated Safeguarding Lead) (Designated Lead for CLA)

Mr S. Hughes (Site Manager)


Mr S. Newby (Assistant Site Manager)


Mrs M. Hughes

Mrs K Mclaughlin * (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) 

Mrs T. Bale


Mrs J. Keeling


Mrs L. Owers


Midday Supervisors

Mrs L. Robinson*  - Reception Teacher (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - EYFS)

Mrs Y. Lilley

Mrs L. Curtis - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs A. Walton ( Senior Midday Supervisor)

Mrs G. O’Hara - Cover Teacher

Mrs T. Bale

Mrs C. Ellett - Swimming Teacher 

Mrs J. Shepherd

Mrs K. Evans - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs A. Townsend

Miss R. Gevaux - Year 3 Teacher


Mr G. Waskett - Year 4 Teacher


Miss R. Derrick* - Year 6 Teacher (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) 

Mrs E. Spicer

Mrs K. McLaughlin* - Year 5 Teacher (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) 

Mrs M. Ferriggi

Mrs K. Richards - Year 1 Teacher


Mrs S. Hodgson  *       SENCO (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) 

Mrs J. Connor

Miss M. Linehan* - Year 2 Teacher (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) 

Mrs K. Tutthill

Miss S Stevens - Reception Teacher

Mrs M. Nairne

Mrs J. Plater - Year 5 Teacher


Miss C. Church - Year 4 Teacher


Miss I. Martin - Year 5 Teacher


Mr M. Heddle - Year 6 Teacher

Mrs D. Critchell

Mrs S. Daniels - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs C. Watson

Miss S Caden - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs S. Newman

Maestra N. Menguzzo - Italian Teacher

Mrs L. Mountier


Mrs R. Davis





Mrs M. McLeavy - Office Manager


Mrs A. Coady  - Senior Administrative Assistant


Mr J. Buckley - Senior Administrative Technician

Fr M. Fletcher (Foundation Governor)



Mrs C Allington (P.A. to Headteacher)

Mr J. O’Keefe (Chair of Curriculum Committee, Designated Safeguarding Governor)- Foundation Governor

Teaching Assistants

Mrs C. Turnage

Mr P. Amey Foundation Governor

Mrs M. French

 Mrs S. O’Sullivan (Pupil Premium and SEND) Parent Governor

Mrs K. Collins

Mrs G. Chalker (Health & Safety) Foundation Governor

Mrs T. Sharp

Mr R. Watson (Assessment) Foundation Governor

Mrs J. Wood

Mrs A Curcio (Local Authority Governor) 

Mrs T. Rooney

Mr F. Cadam (Chair of Resources) Foundation Governor

Mrs J. Linehan              

Mr G. Waskett Staff Governor

Mrs S. Madley              

Mrs S. Smith Parent Governor

Mrs Y. Lilley                  


  Mrs N Hutton (HLTA)


Miss N. Gowers


Mrs C. Harvey


Mrs D. Flint


Miss C. Rogers


Miss R. Camp


Miss T. Frascati


Mrs K. Stack


Mrs D. Towner


Mrs K. Hartop (Relief)


Mrs C. Newman (HLTA)


Miss K. Wigmore


Mr D Payne


Mr J Jiggins

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