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Aims and Ethos

  1. To create happy memories.
  2. To celebrate our Catholic faith, encouraging children to be confident in their relationship with God and to treat others with respect and honesty.
  3. To engender a thirst for learning that lasts a lifetime.
  4. To inspire our children to fulfil their potential by providing a rich and balanced curriculum.
  5. To educate and spiritually nurture the children in a safe and trusting environment.
  6. To ensure that all in our school community know that, as children of God, they have been given different gifts and talents and to value and celebrate each other’s gifts as we fulfil our potential.
  7. To promote a caring environment, built on mutual trust, honesty, fairness and forgiveness through the teachings of Christ.
  8. To inspire children to follow Jesus’ teachings by developing loving, caring and respectful members of British society.
  9. To give children the opportunity to worship in a variety of ways, including meditation and reflection, so that children can experience a deepening of their relationship with their faith.
  10. To strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, fostering friendship, love, understanding and respect for ourselves and the wider community.
  11. To provide a safe, pupil centred environment where children can flourish physically, mentally and spiritually.

Mission Statement

“With Jesus and through the prayers of Mary, we enjoy learning and celebrate our lives together”

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