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Reading at St Mary's


At St. Mary’s Primary school, we believe every child can be a reader and through exposure to the wonderful and varied world of books should come to love reading. Reading for pleasure has been proven to have a positive impact on children’s attainment in reading as well as: an increased knowledge of grammar, an increased breadth of vocabulary (which can be employed to improve writing attainment across the curriculum), a better understanding of other cultures and better general knowledge.


As such we put reading at the centre of our curriculum and are constantly looking for ways to further celebrate reading and encourage our children to develop their love of reading. We encourage our children to read in public through a variety of performances throughout the year and they also have the chance to read at mass.  Here are some of the other great events that take place throughout the year at St. Mary’s;

World Book Day


The children had themed books to study and got to dress as their favourite characters for World Book Day. We wrote spells, fairy tales and new adventures through the wardrobe. Even the staff had fun dressing up and sharing stories.

Camp fire stories/Bedtime stories


The children were able to come back to school at night to be read to either in the classrooms for bedtime stories or out on the field next to the campfires for our KS2 children. This event proved hugely popular not least because the stories were enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate (provided by Harris+Hoole) and some snacks provided by our parents

Performances of our favourite books:


The BFG came to visit the children and retold the story of the BFG complete with magical dream jars!

Extreme Reading:

Children at St. Mary’s took reading to the extreme when they joined in our ‘Extreme Reading Challenge’ where they sought to bring reading with them wherever they went. We had many exciting entries and our winners were delighted to receive some new books to continue their reading adventures!

Our focus in KS2:

In KS2 we don’t just read aloud we really focus on understanding texts through the skills of inference and deduction. Here are some ideas for how to develop these skills at home:

We have also looked at how British Values are promoted through literature at our school. We will follow this with some book reviews by our students but thought this video of Michael Morpurgo (one of our favourite authors) discussing it’s role was interesting;

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