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St. Mary's Catholic Primary School: Policy for Remote Education

At St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School we are committed to providing a high quality remote education in the event of a small number of pupils needing to self –isolate or there is a local lockdown requiring pupils to remain at home. Through our Microsoft Teams Platform we have the capacity to offer:  


  • Immediate remote education  

  • a curriculum sequence that relates to our school’s existing schemes of work  

  • high quality online and offline resources to support all learners including SEND and those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged,  

  • the use of teaching video resources 

  • interaction, assessment and feedback  

  • an individual online ‘Notebook’ to record their learning 

  • regular communication between pupils and teachers 

  • support for parents and carers 


In the event of any future transfer to remote learning our ongoing priority will be to safeguard pupils from harm and promote their well-being. Pupils have the facility on Teams to privately message their teacher with any worries or concerns. A schedule of contact via phone or online meetings during a lockdown would be established which would support well-being and welfare.  


Online resources are defined as:  

Activities that can be accessed and completed online without the need for work to be printed. Examples of online activities include My Maths, TT Rockstars, Teams tasks and online educational games.  


Offline resources are defined as;  

Activities that do not need a device with internet access to be used to complete them. Offline activities that children will be able to complete are practicing their times tables or number bonds, free writing, spelling and phonic practice, reading and reading challenges.  


Some activities may require a combination of online and offline resources;  

Work that is set will be accessed via Teams, therefore a device would be needed to log in online. The work that is set may need to be viewed online but can be completed on paper rather than being printed off.  An example of this may be a set of maths questions or a piece of writing set online.  


Teaching video resources are defined as;  

Videos are reliably sourced by class teachers from a number of platforms for example, White Rose Maths, Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize. These teacher-led videos are used as a way of teaching children new concepts, allowing them to visually see explanations being demonstrated. Teaching video resources can support a range of subjects and are used to enhance each child’s learning.  


We will support pupils by:  

Teaching lessons in school that will prepare them to navigate the Microsoft Teams Platform. 

Teaching them online safety 

Informing them how to keep themselves safe and report any concerns.  


We will support parents by:  

Sharing our approach to online safety. 

Setting expectations about the use of email. 

Informing them of ways to support their child in the completion of tasks online and offline.  


Supporting Accessibility 


We will proactively survey parents to evaluate the connectivity and the availability of devices amongst families and engage actively with those parents who have identified a difficulty in accessing online learning 


The Curriculum  


We will set work:  

  • to be meaningful and ambitious 

  • to be well-sequenced so that knowledge and skills can be built incrementally  

  • that will suit the needs of different abilities  

  • that will be clearly explained 

  • across the week children will have core teaching of English, Mathematics, RE, Science, PSHE and in foundation subjects  

  • timetabled work to be completed daily 

  • this will be checked by teachers to gauge progress and target support 


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