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Flavour School

Flavour School is a programme of sensory food education, currently aimed at reception and Key Stage 1. Sensory food education is widely taught in Scandinavian early years settings. Flavour School has adapted this approach to suit the UK primary school context. Rather than telling children what they ‘should’ (or shouldn’t) eat to be healthy, Flavour School aims to grow children’s confidence, curiosity and enjoyment in exploring healthy food and appreciating flavours, to support the development of varied diets and healthy, happy relationships with good food. Children perform fun sensory activities and experiments with food (mostly veg and fruit), to learn about their senses and how they interact with foods to generate their flavour experiences. They learn new vocabulary to express and share their sensory experiences. Plenary sessions link the sensory activities to other areas of the curriculum, using food and the senses to enliven learning about topics from art to English to algorithms. The Flavour School Introduction to Sensory Food Education programme is taught throughout Key Stage 1. 

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