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Pastoral care

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is a community, inspired by the Spirit of Christ.  Christ’s commandment to love God and thy neighbour is central to our caring ethos, expressed in relationships within and beyond our community.

  • Teaching at St Mary’s is person-centred.  We promote the dignity, self-esteem and full development of each person made in God’s image and uniquely loved by God.

  • Education at St Mary’s is inclusive.  It is respectful of and engages with people of all beliefs. It encourages the religious development of all in their own faith.

  • Learning at St Mary’s is rooted in the Gospel values of Respect for Life, Love, Solidarity, Truth and Justice.

At St Mary’s, we place great importance on the spiritual and overall development of our learners through:

  • Faith, service, prayer and worship;

  • The development of each child’s full potential in a climate of joy, freedom, respect, challenge, co-operation and celebration;

  • The promotion of a spirit of charity, social justice, global awareness and concern for others;

  • A culture of tolerance where staff, pupils and visitors of diverse identities are recognised, welcomed, respected and cherished;

  • Listening, mutual understanding, trust, reconciliation, healing and peace;

  • The preparation of pupils to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives which will contribute to the Common Good.

Our whole school approach to pastoral support has its basis in the ethos of Catholic education with its concern for the whole person and the development of every child’s unique gifts. Staff promote personal dignity, respect and charity within the pupils, providing a safe and caring environment for teaching and learning to take place. Staff are committed to guiding pupils and challenging them to live out our shared Gospel values.


Supporting Children

Our Pastoral Team offers mentoring support to children who are experiencing a range of behavioural or social and emotional difficulties that have become barriers to their learning. We support children on a one-to-one basis or within small groups, to help them develop coping strategies, enhance motivation, self-esteem and raise their aspirations.

Our Learning Mentors provide friendly, approachable and confidential support for children within a safe environment. They guide and listen to children, developing a plan with the child and their teachers, which ensures an open relationship. Parents and carers are informed from the outset of this process. The mentor will then call the parent to discuss what support they can offer the child.

Our range of resources include:

  • One-to-one mentoring

  • Small group work

  • Social skills interventions – this involves working in a small group on social/communication skills, confidence and self-esteem with children in KS1.

  • Allotment maintenance and care – an external programme for KS2 children working on peer relationships, confidence and self-esteem.

  • Restorative justice – training a selection of KS2 children in using restorative techniques to help resolve conflict amongst peers.

  • Lunchtime clubs and activities – these clubs/activities are open to all; however, some children may be identified and encouraged to attend- they include gardening, indoor and outdoor games and colouring in.

  • Transition support – this involves supporting children to transition into school, settling in, developing social, emotional and play skills.

We also work with professionals from external agencies who come into the school to work with groups of children or whole classes within the scope of supporting children with their mental health, well-being and relationships with others.


Supporting Families

Our Pastoral Team provides support, advice and information to families within the school community. We believe that we can help to empower parents and carers, to find resources within themselves, and positive changes that will have a significant impact on the lives of their families.

Staff at St Mary’s provide friendly, approachable and confidential support in all areas of family life including:

  • Parenting guidance and advice through one-to-one or group workshops

  • Support to establish routines and boundaries

  • Help to access information, and signposting, to other services in the local area. For example, career advice and employment, domestic abuse, housing or benefits

  • Support for emotional well-being

  • Support if you have suffered a loss or bereavement


Our team can be contacted on